Newfound Love for Art

by She Flies With Her Own Wings

I’m currently taking a course called Art and Gender – I took it not because I necessarily wanted to, but because I needed another class to fulfill my arts and letters requirement and this one worked with my schedule.  And let me just say that one of my favorite things in life is the unexpected; it’s what makes things interesting and continues to surprise and amaze me.

This class has truly opened my eyes.  I never considered myself an artist, and in a way I still don’t, but I have a whole new appreciation for art that I didn’t before.  I’ve begun to notice so much more detail about everything – designs of buildings, pictures, sculptures, the way people express themselves.  It’s so interesting to me, I see things that I saw everyday in a different life.

I think what I love most about art, is it’s ability to tell a story.  I love the history, the stories.  I love really getting to know people, for who they truly are, listening to their stories and what makes them they way they are.  Art isn’t just colors or shapes, it’s a story that the artist is telling.  And so in that way, I maybe consider myself more an artist than I did before.

I took some time today to visit the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art here on my own campus – the building has always been beautiful from the outside, but I’ve never taken the time to go in.  It’s even more beautiful.  Not just the architecture and design of the building, but the art display was incredible.  One painting that stood out to me was a vase filled with different flowers; this painting was done by a football player which threw me off a bit, but it was the meaning and the story behind it that I loved – each flower was the birth flower of the important women in his life…his mom, sisters, grandmothers, etc…and the vase was a representation of himself.  

It’s stuff like this that inspires me to be creative, and to want to create my own works of art…in any form.  I think museums and art are going to be a much bigger part of my future than I had thought.

Yay for newfound loves!