2015 GOALS – not resolutions

by She Flies With Her Own Wings

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts to make resolutions – with the new year comes a new start. I’ve never been big on making resolutions, probably because they seem to only last for the first month or so. Let’s be real, it’s pretty easy to give up or even forget our New Years Resolutions; here are the most common resolutions people make…

Lose Weight
Volunteer More
Quit Smoking
Get a Better Job
Save Money
Get Fit
Take a Trip
Drink Less Alcohol

The problem with resolutions, and what makes them so hard to stick with, is that they’re often times very vague. That’s the difference between resolutions and goals – goals are typically more specific.
2014 was a year of reflecting for me, and so I’m ready to hit the ground running in 2015! Which is why I decided to make a list of goals for 2015 – specific goals with deadlines, and most importantly, goals that are ATTAINABLE! I think that’s one of the most important things about resolutions and setting goals – are they possible? Can you achieve them? So here we go…

2015 Goals

    1. Workout 3-4 times a week
    I let myself fall behind when it comes to working out, especially since I was working out about 6 times a week last year, including some daily doubles. My schedule and job just don’t allow for that this year, but I know I can squeeze in 3-4 days a week!

    2. Write a blog post every other week
    Last year my resolution was to ‘blog more’…I’m not sure what I had in mind when I said ‘more’, but I didn’t do a very good job of that. I know I can fit in a blog post every other week!

    3. Take a photograph every day with my actual camera
    One of my other 2014 resolutions was to get ‘more into photography’…again, I pretty much failed at that until the past few months. So I’ve decided to jump on board with this Project 365 photography challenge and take a picture every day for a whole year!

    4. Drink 90 ounces of water a day
    I’ve always been really bad at drinking enough water :/ I don’t particularly ‘like’ water, unless it’s right after a workout, and so I’m often times dehydrated – which leads to my headaches, fatigue, and even weight gain. I have a ton of water-bottles…so I’m going to put them to use!

    5. Set aside one weekend every month for MYSELF
    Self-care and doing things for myself have never been a priority. I’ve learned over the years that self-care is incredibly important to health and happiness, and since there’s going to be many weeks where I can’t get a day to myself, I’ve decided to pick a weekend a month! So weather I spend that weekend sleeping and lounging in bed, or outdoors adventuring with friends, it’s MY weekend to do whatever I’d like with!

    6. Go to the Willamette Country Music Festival August 14-16th 2015
    I love country music! And I’ve been wanting to go to a country music festival for years, so it’s time to stop making excuses and actually go!

    7. Attend the Running Start Young Women in Politics Summit July 2015/spend a long weekend in Washington DC
    I’ve always had a great interest in politics, and I think it’s so great that more and more women are getting involved and being elected! I’ve also been saying for quite some time that I’m going to make it back out to DC and visit a friend…so it’s the perfect combination!

    6. Go to the Global Citizen Festival September 2015/spend a weekend in New York
    Everything about this festival just seems so great, and like something that is perfect for me. New York is a place that I’ve never been to, and I want to see new places (both abroad and here in my own country), so again, it’s a perfect combination!

    7. Move out (at least by my 25th birthday!)
    Living at home isn’t too bad, and I know I’m welcome, but I think it’s time for me to be on my own. I’m ready to have my ‘own’ place and feel like an actual ‘big girl/adult’. Thankfully I’m not in a rush, and will have time to patiently look until I find the right place – but, the search is on!

    8. Klamath Basin Youth Without Borders trip to Trinidad & Tobago March 2015
    Since taking over KBYWB, it’s been my goal and drive to get it back up and running! We haven’t done a build since 2012, and so I want to make sure one happens in 2015, and set a foundation for one to take place in 2016…and hopefully in years to come!

    9. Figure out my next step
    I want to figure out what my next step in life is. I’m happy with my job and where I am for the most part…but I’m ready for something more. Weather that next step is graduate school, moving to a new state, or working abroad, I’m ready to figure out what it is and begin working towards making that next step a reality!

    10. Take back control of my life
    For the past year and half, I feel as though I’ve been going through the motions and waiting for opportunities to arise. Although I think you should always keep an open mind to new opportunities, you can’t solely rely on them. I’m getting back into the drivers seat and taking the car off cruise control. It’s time to control my life and my future, and not let it control me!

    …oh and make some new mistakes! 😉

    There we have it- my goals for 2015. I’m going to work hard and do everything in my power to make these dreams and goals become reality, but I also know not to get too bent out of shape if some of them don’t happen… I’ll just move them on to 2016! 🙂

    2013 Was Practice
    2014 Was the Warm Up

    2015 Is Game Time

    Cheers to a New Year!